Support for Professionals

1212414658You get so much out of work.

It gives you the acknowledgment and sense of pride you crave.

You like the sense of purpose… of keeping all those plates spinning… of being counted on by your colleagues.

You’re so driven and focused on the prize that you can brush aside doubt and uneasiness.

This approach has made you successful and worked for a long time.

But you’re unhappy.

You realize you don’t know who you are outside work.

You also realize that you work to numb yourself. You work to feel accomplished so you can ignore other areas of your life.

Work is great, but you have no balance in life. When your body is at rest, your mind can’t stop churning.

Goal-oriented therapy…

Therapy can be frustrating or feel like a waste of time.

As a busy professional in the corporate world, you’re used to digging deep and achieving something great.

Therapy can be approached the same way. Let’s get clear on what we will address together.

2022306605Self-awareness instead of self-sabotage…

Many of the reactions you experience are involuntary. They are part of a longstanding pattern of self-protection that has taken you far.

As you advance career-wise, professional expectations can be at odds with personal situations, and the balancing act to achieve a seat at the proverbial table can become toxic.

We will learn why some of these once-adaptive reactions no longer serve you. Understanding why your central nervous system reacts as it does is the first step in de-escalating your conditioned responses.

Finally, a therapist from your world…

I’ve spent 25 years working at Credit Suisse, McKinsey & Company, Tudor Investments, and a start-up. So, I’ve had first-hand experience with what you’re going through.

I can help you navigate your professional world while examining your personal story to see how that’s influencing how you show up at work.

Let’s team up!

I look forward to hearing from you. Contact me and we can talk more during your free consultation: (212) 333-4024.