736737847You’ve done so much, but it’s not enough.

You’ve earned the degrees, landed a competitive job, and continue to work tirelessly.

Despite the promotions and pay, you’re afraid you don’t measure up… and praise from others is too hard to believe. You even feel like an imposter sometimes.

Anxiety nags you at night, and tears come out of nowhere. Even mundane tasks like doing your taxes, connecting with friends, or venturing out to places sometimes feel like “too much.”

The higher your professional perch, the lonelier you feel, and the more you doubt yourself.

Being confident about your value and abilities…

That’s what self-esteem is all about. And when you don’t have it, your confidence dives, and your self-worth plummets.

Being sure of your path with fire in your belly… gone.

The narrative shifts in your head, making you feel like you don’t deserve what you have, won’t maintain your success, and don’t have the growth potential.

399227050It’s time to clear the fog of confusion.

Let’s get rid of this uncertainty and get you back on track.

Many of your self-esteem struggles are probably rooted in the past.

When you’ve been fed a steady diet of judgment and disapproval from your family, it sneaks into the background and saps your motivation.

Competitive environments like the one you find yourself in trigger those old patterns, and your self-esteem spirals downward.

But the past is over.

So, don’t let it influence your present!

Let me help you understand what is blocking your confidence so you can regain a sense of agency.

Let’s examine your academic and career accomplishments to see whether the story you tell yourself supports or undermines these truths.

Let’s dismantle the perfectionism you retreat to, as it doesn’t protect or insulate you as well as you think.

And let’s dispense with comparisons with others and rely on self-compassion instead. That will shift your internal compass from one that’s always wanting to one that makes you feel stable and supported.

Now is the time!

It’s time to see yourself the way you really are.

Let’s change your perspective so that you see yourself as positively as others do!

You can do this!

I look forward to meeting you. Call me today and let’s schedule your free 45-minute consultation: (212) 333-4024.