Relationship & Career Transitions

“You’ve made me curious about what-ifs in my life, and I’m excited to explore.”

“Thank you for helping me establish a new foundation to jump off from. My choices now feel more authentic.”

“No regrets. I breathe like I haven’t in so long!”

1955364232Once, these clients were also unsettled.

They were at a crossroads in their professional or personal lives, and they worked through which path was best for them.

It’s easy to get wrapped up and overwhelmed by the chatter in your head.

Are you struggling right now?

“I’ve been with my partner for 13 years. I don’t think we want the same things out of life anymore. I need help grounding myself in what feels like a very transitory stage in my life.”

“I’m burnt out and looking to reset my life on many fronts. I want to develop a more sustainable lifestyle, improve work-life balance, strengthen important relationships, and learn how to find joy.”

“I feel like I have no real goals in life anymore, even though I’m successful. I feel hindered by my current actions, and it’s hard to express how I feel without worrying about judgment.”

Where there’s a choice, there’s an opportunity!

My clients are often hard-charging and find themselves on regimented paths toward success.

They have little choice if they accept the rigor to get through military training, become a founder, or rise to VP and partner.

They can get overwhelmed when an impending transition opens them up to uncertainty – what is the right thing to do?

1675049491Having choice can become paralyzing.

You find yourself leaning into the safety of ideas like, “The hell I know is better than the heaven I don’t!”

Change is growth…

But it can be scary. That’s why I’m here – to support you as you pivot into a new life!

Whether you’re transitioning into a new job, looking to reach the next level at your job after having plateaued, or needing a new perspective on a relationship, I’m here for you.

Let’s assess your trajectory, examine what’s driving your choices, and make sure these important decisions align with your values.

You hold the key to your freedom!

Let’s partner together to keep you on the right path. Call today for your free 45-minute consultation: (212) 333-4024.