Individual Therapy

196440479When you’re out of sync with your environment…

You feel like you’re trudging uphill.

Shame and embarrassment hold you back.

You want to act and be free, but…

There’s a figurative straitjacket that binds you, and you can’t figure out how to work yourself loose.

It’s hard to share these things…

You can’t talk to your family because they don’t understand… or are part of the problem.

It doesn’t feel right to be a Debbie-Downer with your friends.

And your partner has been helping you process these issues for far too long.

You may have tried therapy before, but the therapist wanted to listen when you weren’t even sure what to talk about.

554001772Who you are and who shows up in the world…

They’re often not the same person.

Individual therapy is the bridge to understanding this discrepancy.

It’s where we drill down into what feels right and wrong.

Learn to journey to yourself, make decisions from your center, and live your truth proudly.

Therapy with me is individualized.

It all depends on your wishes, your ability to look at your past, and the safety and connection you feel in session.

Some clients process by analyzing their thoughts; others prefer to work with emotions or body sensations. Some want homework; some don’t.

Most ask explicitly that I challenge them, hold up a mirror, and show them what they are doing but not clearly seeing.

All are important elements to consider when customizing a treatment plan for you.

554001772As we work and learn together…

Set goals and pinpoint specific issues that you wish to have more or less of in your life.

Use evidence-based interventions that address your thinking and also your involuntary body responses.

Learn to appreciate how your systems inherently protect you from danger and know when no danger is present.

Build our therapeutic relationship and use it to understand and then change in session what you wish to enact more universally.

We might cry, but I promise we will laugh together, too!

“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response.”

–Victor Frankl

Choose to respond differently to your life.

And choose now!

Reach out for your free 45-minute consultation: (212) 333-4024

I look forward to hearing from you!