About Therapy


I grew up in the hospitality business – my parents owned a bakery and hotel in Lake Tahoe, California.

That you feel welcomed from the moment we connect is important to me. It is also imperative for the success of our work together.

You matter.

Yes, I take your coat and offer you something to drink, but it means much more.

I know that Jackie* is distracted by the clock, so I turn it over before session starts and that James* is disturbed by low light. When Asta* taps her forehead, we’re in for a serious discussion. Lila*, I know, doesn’t have a work schedule that allows for a fixed time each week, so we sync on Monday mornings.

You aren’t a number in my practice – you’re someone I grow close to. Without this connection, you won’t feel safe enough to take on the hard work of therapy.

You come to therapy feeling fragmented – like your head and thoughts are not aligned with your body and its reactions. At your wits’ end with certain relationships – you ask yourself if something is off because the reactions in your body are so strong. You’re not crazy.

In our work together, I will share the research behind your central nervous system. Knowledge is power. Knowing why you react as you do will give you untold relief and the power to make changes as you move forward. Your time is valuable as you don’t have much of it. That’s why my sessions are active. We both roll up our sleeves and get to work.

Consider me a guide to reach the goals you’ve set.

If you know what doesn’t feel right, I will help you uncover why that is. I will provide a road map if you don’t know where to begin.

I will hold up a mirror and reflect what you can’t see or won’t acknowledge so that you tap into unknown and underused parts of yourself.

Don’t be surprised if we unearth patterns in your personal life that extend to your professional life. Given my corporate background, I often act as a career sounding board to understand how your childhood affects your work life.

*Names do not reflect actual clients.

About Me

LaughingI’m from California and have lived in Europe, but I call New York City home – truly, I’ll only leave NYC in a pine box! I love the bagels, grit, and theatre, but the energy of the people that this city collects has mesmerized me.

Before becoming a therapist, I spent 25 years in banking and consulting at Credit Suisse in Zurich, Switzerland, and McKinsey & Company in New York City. I rely every day on the skills I learned running teams of researchers, recognizing patterns, highlighting stumbling blocks, and chasing down solutions in my therapy practice.

I keep a small private practice as I value continuing my education and pro-bono work. I am active at Weill Cornell Hospital’s Trauma and Addiction unit, which specializes in EMDR, and at a Medicaid clinic. My undergraduate degree is in political economy from UC Berkeley, and my master’s degree is in social work from Columbia University. I completed a two-year Trauma Certificate from the Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy in NYC and am working toward advanced certification in EMDR by the EMDR International Association.

Outside work, I love a dinner party! My dining table extends to seat 14, and I have it full as often as possible. I am learning Spanish on Duolingo to add to the other four languages I speak. Travel, fresh air, friends, family, my kids, cut flowers, dark chocolate, red wine, the color blue, epiphanies, and a good Manhattan cocktail round me out.

I look forward to welcoming you to my practice and learning about you!