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No matter how much you do, it never feels like enough.

You earned a prestigious degree, landed a competitive job, and got that promotion.

But deep down, you feel like an imposter.

You work yourself to the bone living up to everyone’s expectations.

But you’re angry that your own needs get neglected.

There was a time when your path seemed clearly laid out before you, but lately, you feel lost and unable to get back on track.

The past still haunts you.

Your parents worked hard to provide you with all they could, but no one noticed how badly you were hurting.

Thinking about your privilege fills you with guilt.

While your childhood memories are fuzzy and unclear, you know the pain you felt was real.

Sometimes emotions overwhelm you for no reason, and the intensity surprises you.

You blame yourself for your shortcomings.

The common denominator in all your problems and relationships seems to be you.

Clearly, you think, it must be your fault.

If only there was some way to release this invisible weight you carry around.

There is another way.

Something needs to change, but moving forward feels scary and impossible.

Still you feel determined to do the work to lighten these emotional burdens.

The hand we are dealt is by chance, but the card we play is by choice.

“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.”

– Victor Frankl

Welcome, I’m Anna.

Your past is not your fault, but your future is your opportunity.

I will guide you through new and sometimes uncomfortable changes and, in the process, identify the challenges that have blocked your way.

Through our work together, you’ll learn to manage your triggers, develop new introspective muscles, and uncover your innate strengths. Soon, you’ll build the resilience and confidence to enjoy a peaceful and fulfilling life.

It’s time to let yourself experience what it feels like to have an active partner on your side, someone who encourages you to live with more curiosity, grace, and self-compassion.

Change your perspective and how you react to life’s challenges.

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